Ice Soul Pegasus
Soul-Ice Pegasus
Type Clora
Power Ice Damage
Evolution Unknown
Element Wind
Beast of Fubuki風吹
Ice Soul Pegasus (氷魂ペガサス) is a beast leaded by Fubuki風吹. It can control the element of ice and wind-storms. It is weak against fire, and therefore against all Fire element beasts.It is a Legendary Flora Beast.


Long time back, there laid an Island of Ice. All the beasts enjoyed living there, except Ice Soul Pegasus. It always looked world as a very huge place to search and it went off flying, leaving all of his comrades behind, to explore the world. On his journey, it was once caught up on the Fire Sea, and was unable to fly through it. The beast was no coward, it flew to reach the other side. Watching the beast get hurt by the crimson flames of the sea, a boy came to help that beast. The boy was Sam. The boy healed the beast and the beast got up to attack him. Seeing the unwavering confidence in the boy's eyes, the beast laid his head down in front of the boy. The boy in return waved his hand over the beast's head. The boy and the beast became friends.


  • Controls ice
  • Can block shockwaves
  • Can fly at extremely high speeds.

Special MovesEdit

  • Frozen Storm
  • Rising Pegasus
  • Dash Break
  • Descending Winds

Overall PerformanceEdit

Attack: 90