Stardust Dragoon
Stardust Dragon2
Gender Male
Type Resonance
Weapon Wings and Dark power
Evolution Limited
Element Wind
Skill Attack and Defense
Stardust Dragoon is the dark beast form of Burning Phoenix.Their powers are not at all similar and they differ in almost every aspect.Though the powers of this beast are limited,still Diabolic Lion and Stardust Dragoon are compatible.


When Burning Phoenix originated,the gate closed when Kai-xx left.The inner part then created this beast and released it and in this way Stardust Dragoon borned.It came to Diabolic Lion at first,and teaming up,tried to attack the Flora Beast.He gradually became a great companion of Diabolic Lion.


The beast is white in colour with a shade of light blue.The wings are almost transparent,but are very hard.It is used for offense.The beast can fire a black-dark-ball like thing after gathering some of its potential from the mouth.It can't be dodged.It is very powerful and one of the greatest moves of Dark Beasts.It can fly at any altitude and with a maximum speed of 18km/min.He is faster in speed than Diabolic Lion.


  • Nebula Blast
  • Nebula Blast X.
  • Arrows of Fear
  • Galaxy of Darkness

Overall Performance:Edit




Stamina :81